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We are a fast growing company on the hair care products market. We have introduced an innovative product to the Polish market. Thanks to the highest quality of microfibers, it is the most popular among hair thickening products on the market. Started back in 2009, our company has defined a set of rules which define our way of doing business:

We are offering only premium quality products:

We are providing the top-notch customer care standards by:


Dr Hair is a premium, innovative cosmetic for hair thickening, which may be used every day. The keratin fibers contained in Dr Hair do not sensitize or dye, and the product is dermatologically tested.

Dr Hair is also resistant to weather conditions, neither strong wind nor rain will affect your hairstyle in any way. Physical activity during a workout neither won't affect the application effect.

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We invite you to our blog, where you will learn many interesting things about hair care, various diseases that affect them, as well as the ways to prevent and treat them.

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