Dr Hair Products

Now the results of hair loss can be ironed out in a few seconds – the professional DrHair hair-thickening supplies are the perfect option for both men and women who care about a good-looking and beautiful hairstyle. We are proud to introduce an innovative micro-fiber product for hair loss that will thicken your hair in a matter of seconds! Mind you, this is not a magical hair-growth wonder, this is a scientifically proven formula that works.

DrHair professional supplies can be used and combined with other hair-growth cosmetics. They are available in a wide range of colours to choose from – you can easily adjust it to a hair colour of yours. Just apply it to places where your hair is depleted, then gently spread it out all over just to finish the operation with your comb. To make the effect even stronger, use your hair spray. Make your hair flashy again with your new professional micro-fiber supplies from DrHair!

Rich colour palette

Black Dark Brown Ash Brown Brown Medium Brown Light Brown Dark Blonde Medium Blonde Ash Blonde Light Blonde Blonde Light Grey Grey