About the company

We are a fast growing company on the hair care products market. We have introduced an innovative product to the Polish market. Thanks to the highest quality of microfibers, it is the most popular among hair thickening products on the market. Started back in 2009, our company has defined a set of rules which define our way of doing business:

We are offering only highest quality products:
– Cooperation only with the best, renowned vendors
– Our products are stored in a special air-conditioned storehouse
– All of the shipped products have a long expiry time

We are providing the top-notch customer care standards by:
– Offering only the products that are currently available in our storehouse
– Processing all orders during the same day we receive them (business hours)
– Dealing most of the potential complaints and merchandise substitution in the customer’s favour
– Providing help in case of any delay in shipment

Sklep prokonsumencki

Rich colour palette

Black Dark Brown Ash Brown Brown Medium Brown Light Brown Dark Blonde Medium Blonde Ash Blonde Light Blonde Blonde Light Grey Grey