thicker and fuller hair
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Cutting edge nanotechnology lets the microfibers bond with existing hair deeper and stronger, bringing a flawless effect of thick and shiny hair. Our product can be used regardless of atmospheric conditions such as rain or even snow. Neither sweating nor touching your hair with our product applied won’t ruin the effect!

About the product

Dr Hair is a professional cosmetic solution, created for those who suffer from having thin hair. In a matter of seconds, thousands of microfibers get attached to one’s hair, bringing a spectacular effect of thicker and stronger hair. Microfibers are electrostatically charged, letting them to create a strong bonding which lasts for a whole day or night and the exposition to intensive sunlight or rain can’t affect it.

oferta hurtowa

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Thick hair in 30 seconds

The product should be applied to washed, clean and dry hair. The container should be held approximately 2 inches above the head. Powder the desired area and tap the microfibers gently with your fingertips. In order to prolong the effect, a hairspray can be applied afterwards.

Rich colour palette

Black Dark Brown Ash Brown Brown Medium Brown Light Brown Dark Blonde Medium Blonde Ash Blonde Light Blonde Blonde Light Grey Grey